Schemas 3.0.3

(Version 3.0.3, updated 2013-01-05 by AA6YQ and G3ZOD)

ADX XML Schemas for Amateur Data Interchange Format (ADIF)


Table of Contents

  1. Description

  2. Checks not Required

  3. Limitations

I. Description

ADIF 3.0.2 introduced ADX as an alternative file format for representing ADIF employing XML syntax.  The ADX XML Schemas supplement this, describing ADX using the XML Schema definition language 1.0

The ADX schemas can be used to determine whether ADX complies with the ADIF specification.  If used, they must be applied externally without being referenced in the <ADX> root element.

Most aspects of the ADIF specification are validated, subject to some checks that cannot be performed due to being advisory only and others which are not possible or impractical to check.

Two schemas are provided.  One is specific to ADX 3.0.3 and provides the most accurate representation because it disallows deprecated features.  A second, non-version specific schema is also provided for situations where the ADX version is not known in advance.

The version-specific schema adx303.xsd is available here.
The non-version-specific schema adx303generic.xsd is available here.

II. Checks not Required

III. Limitations